Two Women Accused of Abusing Handicapped Caseyville Nursing Home Resident

Two women were recently charged with aggravated battery after they allegedly beat a 78-year-old nursing home resident in Caseyville. According to the Caseyville Police Department, two East St. Louis women removed the handicapped skilled nursing facility patient from the Caseyville Nursing & Rehab Center on March 1st. After authorities reportedly responded to a disturbance call, the 46-year-old and 43-year-old women were arrested in the care facility’s parking lot. Bail was purportedly set at $50,000 for both women charged in connection with the alleged beating. The women are currently being held in the St. Clair County Jail. Following the alleged abuse, the elderly nursing home resident was reportedly treated at Memorial Hospital in Belleville.

In 1988, the Illinois Elder Abuse and Neglect Act was passed in an effort to respond to any instance of abuse of an elderly person who resides in the state. Under the Act, the Illinois Department of Public Health was tasked with investigating and responding to reports of senior citizen neglect or abuse in a skilled nursing facility setting. Since 1999, medical, law enforcement, and social service professionals must report any instances of suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly person who cannot report the abuse without assistance. In addition, such professionals may also voluntarily report any suspected senior citizen mistreatment.

In 2010, the Governor of Illinois signed into law a number of skilled nursing facility safety measures designed to protect patients residing in long-term care facilities from abuse. The law increased nurse staffing requirements, directed nursing homes to perform thorough background checks on new residents, and mandated the hiring of additional nursing home inspectors.

Although it is unclear what relationship the two women accused of abuse in this instance had with the nursing home or their alleged victim, this sad case demonstrates that elder abuse may still occur despite a number of laws designed to protect seniors. It is important to remember that nursing home abuse may include physical violence, withholding of medication or food, and simple neglect. In too many cases, skilled nursing facility abuse results from incompetent and poorly trained staff. If you suspect an elderly friend or loved one is being abused, you should speak with a capable nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer about your concerns.

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