Transmitter Bracelets May Help Illinois Police Find Missing Nursing Home Residents in the Future

The Virginia Beach Police Department has announced that a local assisted-living facility will be the first in the area to use new technology in an effort to keep track of residents who may be at risk for going missing. Kings Grant House has reportedly partnered with the non-profit Project Lifesaver program to automatically enroll about 20 residents in a six-month tracking bracelet pilot program. A transmitter on each bracelet purportedly allows local police to track missing elderly residents using a fixed radio signal.

According to the program’s coordinator, Officer Allen Perry, Virginia Beach police have successfully used transmitter technology to search for at least 100 missing individuals who voluntarily sought out the device since 2005. Now, the 20 assisted living facility residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and dementia disorders will reportedly have another tool to ensure their safety. Although the city normally charges a monthly fee for a transmitter, no one will be charged during the pilot program. In addition, a local non-profit organization normally pays the monthly fee for community members who cannot afford it. Officer Perry stated almost 300 community members including the Kings Grant House residents are now enrolled in the Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver program.

According to Marj Pantone, Kings Grant House Administrator, the families of residents who will take part in the program have been supportive of using the new technology. Still, Pantone said nothing is foolproof and the facility will maintain its security personnel as well.

As beloved relatives age or become disabled, many Illinois families turn to long-term care facilities for help. Even the most dedicated family member will have a difficult time providing around the clock care for an unpredictable Alzheimer’s or dementia patient. At all times, skilled nursing facilities in Illinois are required to have enough direct care staff on hand to ensure your loved one is safe and accounted for. When an Illinois nursing home fails to ensure that patients who are at-risk of becoming lost are safe, the institution may be guilty of negligence. If your loved one was hurt or died as a result of skilled nursing facility negligence, you should contact an experienced Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer immediately.

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