Repeated Falls Lead to Death of a Nursing Home Resident

An investigation into an Iowa nursing home has left the home with performance-related fines stemming from multiple incidents involving and leading to the death of one of its residents.

The resident had long and short term memory problems and was unable to safely walk on his own. Instead, he required the assistance and supervision of a staff member as he walked about, requiring that he be supervised at all times when he was moving so that he would not fall. Despite this need, the resident repeatedly was allowed to walk unassisted which resulted in him falling more than 50 times between January 2012 and June 17, 2013.

In June of this year, the resident was found on the floor of a hallway, unresponsive. Nursing home staff called for help and the resident was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where he was diagnosed with bleeding between the brain and the skull. Though the man received treatment while in the hospital, he died of the brain bleed just four days later.

The investigation determined that the man fell mostly in the afternoon and evening hours and that staff attempted to address some environmental issues related to the falls but that they did not adequately curb the behavior that led to the incidents.

Many nursing home residents have some form of memory loss and often this can make caring for the patient more difficult. If a resident forgets where he or she is, the resident may become scared and attempt to leave a room or a facility. Memory loss does not waive the duty of nursing home employees to appropriately care for and treat those under their care, including those who may forget that they need help when walking about a home. In this instance, there is some indication that the resident had been instructed not to walk about unassisted but that instruction was ineffective. The resident may not have been able to recall his walking problems but even if he did, his care was in the hands of those nursing home employees who should have been supervising him. Failing to do this led to this resident’s fall and ultimately his death.

Nursing home falls are a common form of nursing home neglect. A fall can occur with the help of an employee who improperly lifts or transfers a resident or without an employee’s intervention, as happened in this case. Failing to properly care for a resident can lead to serious injuries or even death and can be a violation of the standard of care required among nursing home employees.

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