Peoria Nursing Home Patient Injured by Mentally Ill Fellow Resident

A nursing home patient in Peoria was recently treated at a hospital after she was hurt by a fellow resident. According to the Peoria Police Department, the 44-year-old woman was knocked down and injured by a 53-year-old male amputee who is confined to a wheelchair. The man allegedly struck the woman on purpose in a hallway at the Sharon Willow South Nursing & Custodial Care Center.

Following the purported incident, the 44-year-old was transported to Proctor Hospital for medical care. After the woman was treated for alleged scrapes, as well as head and back pain, she was reportedly released from the hospital. The Peoria Police Department has not stated whether the 53-year-old man, who allegedly suffers from depression, will be charged in connection with the incident.

In 2010, the Governor of Illinois signed into law amendments to the Nursing Home Care Act. The changes compelled nursing homes to implement a number of new safety measures designed to protect the residents of long-term care facilities from being abused. In addition to increasing nurse and other direct care worker staffing requirements, the legislation mandated the hiring of additional state nursing home inspectors.

In an effort to increase the safety of long-term care patients, the Nursing Home Care Act now requires skilled nursing facilities to perform a thorough background check on all new residents prior to admission and maintain a certain level of separation between patients with a criminal past or a history of mental health issues and other residents. Previously, patients could be housed in close proximity to the mentally ill or a resident with a violent criminal past. The new screening requirements were reportedly implemented to reduce potentially dangerous interactions among residents.

As this sad case demonstrates, nursing home residents may be abused by other patients or facility employees despite a number of laws designed to protect them. Nursing home abuse may include physical or sexual violence, withholding of food or medication, or simple neglect. In too many cases, abuse in a long-term care facility results from a shortage of competent or well-trained staff. If you believe a nursing home resident is being abused by a fellow patient or a facility employee, you are advised to speak with a caring nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer about your concerns.

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