Oklahoma Nursing Home Aide Accused of Sexual Abuse — Chicago Nursing Home Lawyer

A Tulsa man has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a resident of the nursing home where he works, the Tulsa World reported Jan. 12. The man, a restorative aide at the home, was arrested after a co-worker reported that he allegedly touched a resident’s genitals while giving him a bath. The alleged victim is blind and physically handicapped. The accused man was released on bail Saturday.

Any nursing home abuse is outrageous, but sexual abuse is especially shocking. Families choose nursing homes or other managed care situations because they want to do what’s best for loved ones who can no longer live independently. Putting someone you love in a nursing home is an act of trust in the home’s staff — trust that’s betrayed when staffers take advantage of a sick or disabled person’s helplessness. In addition to the physical harm it may cause for victims, sexual abuse can also cause profound emotional harm, because it is an extreme violation of the victim’s dignity.

The article doesn’t specify what the criminal penalties would be if this man is convicted of sexual abuse. But for some families, criminal penalties against an individual employee are not enough, especially if the nursing home itself tolerated or failed to stop the abuse. Fortunately, Illinois law allows families to file a Chicago nursing home abuse lawsuit, regardless of whether there is any accompanying criminal case. A nursing home abuse claim can hold individuals and companies responsible for perpetrating or allowing nursing home abuse; refund costs caused by the abuse, including the cost of new care; and compensate the victim for the physical pain and emotional suffering caused by abuse.

Ables & Annes handles cases of nursing home abuse and neglect in Illinois. Based in Chicago, we represent nursing home residents and families throughout the state who have been seriously harmed at by carelessness, recklessness or illegal behavior by a nursing home or its staff. If someone you love has been hurt by neglect or abuse at a nursing home, we would like to help. To speak with us about your legal options and your loved one’s rights, please contact us online today for a free consultation.

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