Nursing home resident who may have dementia missing – allowed to leave facility with unknown man.

A 79 year old woman is missing and a Chicago nursing home may have to answer some tough questions. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a resident who may suffer from a form of dementia went missing on Friday evening from a home located at 2840 W. Foster Ave.

Nursing home staff witnessed her leave with a white man, ages 60-70, who she said was her brother. The nursing home later learned she does not have a brother.

The missing woman is being described as Caucasian, 129 lbs., 4′ 9″ tall, brown hair and light complexion. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts should immediately contact the Chicago Police Department at 312-744-8200 and speak with Belmont area detectives.

It has not been reported why the nursing home staff allowed a resident that may suffer from dementia to leave the facility without further verification. The woman also takes medication for diabetes.

It has not been reported if a Chicago nursing home attorney is involved in the case yet.

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