Nursing Home Abuse Continues to be Serious Threat In Illinois and Across Nation

The aging American population continues to exert a greater need for health care services. Whether medication, doctor care, or skilled nursing, the needs of this segment of the population will only increase in the coming decades as more baby boomers retire and enter the elder stage of life.

In surveys, the majority of Americans express a preference for aging and eventually dying at their own homes and under their own care with a very small segment of the population showing positive feelings towards nursing homes. Yet the reality is that many will need around the clock medical care towards the end of their lives and few can afford such treatment outside of a nursing home setting.

With the demands expected to be placed on nursing homes increasing every year, it is important that the family members of nursing home residents be fully informed about the specific homes they consider as well as some of the risks posed to residents.

An organization known as the Silver Ribbon Project collects and compiles statistics related to nursing home abuse nationally in an effort to make the dangerous more widely known. Possessed with the believe that greater awareness will lead to less tolerance of abuse, the organization encourages others to speak out against homes that violate the rights of their patients. With no national reporting entity for nursing home abuse, the Silver Ribbon Project has collected and provided the following statistics regarding nursing home abuse and neglect:

– Between 1 and 2 million ages 65 and older have been injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated by someone who was supposed to be caring for them;

– Between 2% and 10% of nursing home patients are believed to be victims of abuse;

– Over 90% of U.S. nursing homes are understaffed;

– Nearly 1/3 of all American nursing homes have been cited for abuse;

– Experts believe that less than 20% of nursing home abuse incidents ever get reported with far fewer incidents getting reported to the proper authorities;

– If current trends continue, as the population in nursing homes grow, abuse rates are expected to increase 300% over the next 30 years.

It can be difficult to know whether your loved one is getting the care that is needed while residing in a nursing home. With abuse and neglect going drastically underreported, it is possible that abuse is occurring without your knowledge. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering while residing in a nursing home, you should seek professional help to determine what level of care is being provided.

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