Nurse Sentenced for Assaulting Elderly Knoxville Nursing Home Resident

A former Knoxville, Illinois nursing home employee was recently sentenced in connection with the alleged battery of an 82-year-old patient. Knox County Judge Paul Mangieri ordered the 56-year-old nurse to serve two years of probation and complete 100 hours of community service after she purportedly hit a resident at the facility where she was employed. The convicted woman was initially accused of a Class 3 felony over allegations that she purposefully struck a Good Samaritan Nursing Home patient in 2012. Despite that two of the woman’s co-workers apparently testified against her at trial, the nurse insisted the incident was an accident. Still, Judge Mangieri reportedly refuted her claims at a sentencing hearing by stating the battery was clearly no accident.

In 1988, Illinois passed the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act. The law was designed to respond to any instance of abuse of an Illinois senior citizen. The Illinois Department of Public Health is tasked with investigating and responding to all reports of senior neglect or abuse in a nursing home or other long-term care setting. Since 1999, all law enforcement, medical, and social service professionals are required by law to report any suspected instances of elder abuse or neglect where the individual being abused is unable to self-report. In addition, such professionals may also voluntarily report any suspected elder mistreatment.

Three years ago, the Governor of Illinois signed into law a number of nursing home safety measures created to protect patients in long-term care facilities from abuse. The 2010 law requires nursing homes to increase nurse staffing levels, perform thorough background checks on new residents, and ordered the state to hire a number of additional nursing home inspectors.

No senior citizen should feel unsafe in his or her place of residence. As this sad case demonstrates, elder abuse occurs in Illinois despite a number of laws designed to protect skilled nursing facility patients. Nursing home abuse may include physical violence or assault, withholding of medication, food, or personal items, simple neglect, and more. In too many cases, skilled nursing facility abuse results from an insufficient number of well-trained and competent direct care staff. If you believe a nursing home resident is being abused, you are advised to discuss your concerns with a quality nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer as soon as possible.

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