Hidden Camera Reportedly Catches Nursing Home Owner Sexually Assaulting Dementia Patient

Elderly Americans are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and they deserve to be protected and cared for in their senior years. Many families with older relatives face the decision of whether to put their loved ones in a nursing home when declining health or a change in circumstances means that an alternative means of care may be necessary. This decision can be agonizing as loved ones consider which home is the best for their family member’s needs, but once that person is placed, the need to evaluate a home may slip from their minds.

This is a reasonable approach as many feel that once their loved one is placed in a home, they are confident that appropriate care will be provided. Too often, residents are faced with nursing home abuse and neglect, causing serious or even permanent injuries. This abuse can be hard to determine as many victims are not in a position to report the mistreatment or have no one to report the abuse to as many nursing home patients do not have regular contact with non-employees.

Victims of nursing home abuse in Illinois are entitled to seek relief for their damages and their injuries through the use of a civil claim. In the tragic instance where a patient is killed due to negligence or abuse, the right to seek relief may pass to the victim’s surviving family members, though no amount of relief can ever be considered adequate in these cases. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer or a nursing home attorney may help you understand your legal rights if you suspect nursing home abuse or if you believe neglect may be harming your loved one.

Police in Washington arrested the 67-year-old owner of a nursing home after a hidden camera reportedly showed the man sexually assaulting an 83-year-old patient of the home who was stricken with dementia. According to reports, the family members of the victim suspected wrong doing and had the hidden camera placed in the woman’s room to monitor the care she received. When the footage was reviewed, the family members contacted police, who initiated charges.

It is not clear what charges are pending against the owner at this time but authorities confirmed that the nursing home at issue housed 12 patients, all of whom were being relocated following the arrest of the owner.



No resident should have to worry about whether they will be harmed in the place where they live, but unfortunately, nursing home abuse makes this a reality for far too many elderly adults in the nation and in Illinois. Once this misconduct occurs, it can be difficult for families to understand whether the conduct violates state or federal laws, or whether financial compensation may be available for the harm that has been done.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., we dedicate ourselves to the representation of victims who have been harmed by the actions of others, and if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect harmed your loved one, we want to help you as well. We offer a free case consultation to those who call us toll free at (855) 529-2442 or locally at (312) 924-7575. There is no obligation for speaking with us and everything discussed will be kept confidential, so do not hesitate. Call us today and let us fight for the relief your family deserves.

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