Hidden Camera Captures Assault of Nursing Home Patient by Employee

In every state in the nation, debates are raging over how best to protect the vulnerable citizens that are confined to nursing homes from abuse, neglect, and harm that they may face. Some states are enacting laws to increase oversight of these facilities while others are raising minimum standards of acceptability in these homes. In recent years, some states have considered allowing residents to install security cameras – whether hidden or known – in their rooms to record the care they receive.

Debates about the appropriateness of security cameras have taken place in Illinois as well with many supports for the cameras and detractors against them. While not everyone may agree as to the practicality of this surveillance, there is one fact that cannot be denied – every year, cameras capture nursing home abuse and neglect across the country and provide unbiased documentation of the harm that is done. Due to these cameras, some offenders have been held accountable for their actions when they otherwise may not have been. Some facilities have been forced to admit wrongdoing, and some people have even been sentenced criminally for the harm they have inflicted.

Recently, video footage obtained by a hidden camera in an elderly woman’s nursing home revealed that she was being physically assaulted by an employee who worked at the home. Reports indicate that the female victim’s family members placed the camera after woman previously sustained a broken arm. When the nursing home employees could not explain away the break, the family got concerned and placed a camera.

After being confronted with the footage, the employee reportedly resigned and the home, which is not located in Illinois, states that it is cooperating with officials.



Intentionally doing harm to an elderly patient who needs care is a disturbing reality faced by numerous residents of Illinois nursing homes on a daily basis. While this activity should be abhorrent to anyone who encounters it, too often, the abuse is not reported or it is not disclosed to the proper officials which allows the misconduct to continue, endangering the safety of those who need care.

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