California Nursing Home Hit With $80,000 Fine For Death Of Patient

A Fresno, CA nursing home has been fined eighty thousand dollars for the death of a patient around four months ago, according to the LA Times. The deceased, a 54 year old schizophrenic patient choked on his food. The hospital allegedly knew that the man had trouble swallowing, and his food was always supposed to be served chopped or sliced. On the date in question, the nursing home served him meatballs that had not been cut up and he choked to death.

The death took place at the Raintree Convalescent Hospital. The nurse and the cook both admitted they should have chopped up the food, and that they simply forgot to do it that day. They were both fired by the home after the accident.

After being served the meal, the victim reportedly came out of his room unable to speak, and the nurse attempted the Heimlich maneuver. Paramedics were able to suction the meatball out, however he was pronounced dead a short time later at an area hospital.

An investigation by the California Department of Public Health found that the home knew of the patient’s problem. State authorities then fined the nursing home $80,000.

The nursing home has been given a one star rating out of a possible five on the new federal rating system run by Medicare and Medicaid services.

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