Elderly Woman Drugged and Raped in her Senior Living Facility

No one should have to face abuse from those charged with their care, but unfortunately for many residents of nursing homes, that threat is a constant. Nursing home abuse and neglect is an ongoing, and according to some experts, a growing problem faced by the elderly in this country. Though this threat is widespread, attention to the issue remains slight and many are unaware of the dangers posed to those who enter nursing homes for care and treatment.

When abuse of a nursing home patient occurs, unfortunately nothing can undo the hurt, pain, and injuries that result. However, the laws of every state, including Illinois, allow the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect to seek compensation for their injuries against those who are responsible, whether they are employees, owners or operators of the home. Speaking with an injury lawyer who represents nursing home patients may help you understand whether you or your loved one has a valid claim for recovery.

A terrible instance of sexual abuse has been reported out of Minnesota and allegedly admitted to by the man believed to be responsible. Authorities say that an 89-year-old resident of a senior care facility reported that she was sexually assaulted by a 30-year-old male employee at her home and while in her bed.

The victim reported the incident to other staff members at her home as well as local police but she did not receive treatment. Instead, she was placed in a mental health portion of a local hospital for three days. After her period of time in the hospital, a nurse with the Department of Health looked into the victim’s accusation and determined that the woman had in fact been raped and had been denied medical treatment and counseling. According to the woman, she was watching TV in her bed when a male employee came in to give her medication. Among the medication was a narcotic that left the woman in a slightly incoherent state of mind, during which time the employee raped her. When confronted with the accusation, the employee allegedly admitted to both drugging and raping the victim as she claimed. The employee has been criminally charged in the matter and has pleaded not guilty.



Though this instance of abuse happened in Minnesota, it is similar to many acts of abuse and negligent that harm nursing home patients in Illinois every year. These individuals become victimized by those who should be caring for them and often the injuries that result are serious or fatal.

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